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Privacy Policy

“We” refers to "Hikaru Coaching"
“You” refers to you, the user of our services

Your data is kept confidential at all times and our business is based on protecting client confidentiality and managing sensitive personal information.

What do we collect from you:

  • No identifiable information is collected from you while you browse our website.

  • Any information submitted by you via the contact forms is sent directly to email. We do not retain anything on our website.

  • Google Analytics; we utilise this service and it will track you as a user on the website.


How do we handle collected information:

  • All information you provide to us is held internally.


Access to your information:

  • You have the right to request a copy of any information we hold about you. Further, you may ask for explanation, update, correction or deletion if you wish. We will only hold the information that you provide to us and therefore rely on you for its accuracy.



  • Cookies are data that is stored on your web browser:

    • They are essential for the activation of third-party services on your web browser (which reduce your privacy)

    • They are essential for anonymously storing settings for the visual changes on your web browser

  • Third party:

    • Please be aware that as you use the features on our website provided by a third-party (Google Analytics), we have no control over what they record or share with other parties. Please refer to their specific cookies and privacy policies.



  • We never share any personal data with third-party marketing.

  • We require you to opt-in so we can send you updates and newsletters.


Copyright Notice

  • All original material (text, images and links) on this site is property of the website owner.

  • Any content used from a third party remains property of the third party.


Third party websites

  • We have no control over how third-party entities decide to handle your data; you must therefore review their specific privacy policy.


Third party services

  • We use third-party services to enhance you user experience - refer to section "How do we handle collected information"



  • We are unable to ensure the privacy of data transmitted as we do not have end-to-end control in the sending and/or receiving of it.

  • Email; we monitor all emails sent to us, this includes attachments, malicious links and/or viruses


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